40 countries are making polluters pay for carbon pollution. Guess who’s not.

By June 23, 2017 July 31st, 2017 General Climate Change News, World News

-Original name : Global images of Earth from Galileo – by:NASA Planetary Photo collection – from: Galileo mission of Office of Space Science ,Washinghton DC. and JPL,Pasadena.

This map shows the steady, inexorable spread of carbon pricing.

Most people who have given climate change policy any thought agree that it is important to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions. They are a form of harmful waste; those producing the waste should pay for the harms. (There’s plenty of debate over just how central pricing is to a serious climate strategy, but very little debate that it should play some role.)

 That policy consensus has been in place for quite a while. It seems the political world is beginning to catch up.

The sustainability think tank Sightline has just updated its map of carbon pricing systems across the world.

Carbon pricing through 2018

The big recent news is China, of course. In July, its carbon cap-and-trade system — which has been tested in nine provinces for several years — will go national, effectively doubling the world’s priced carbon. (That’s the giant bubble on the map above.) At that point, fully a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions will be priced at one level or another. A quarter!

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