International Monetary Fund: Carbon Pricing Single Most Powerful Tool to Fight Climate Change

By October 18, 2019 November 12th, 2019 General Climate Change News, World News

Maria Olano of Climate X-Change writes about the gathering support for carbon pricing:

“Last week, carbon pollution pricing got a heavy – and hopefully monumental – endorsement when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deemed the policy the “single most powerful” tool to deal with the climate crisis. It comes after an upswing of unprecedented momentum, from 4 million students worldwide striking to demand meaningful action, to CEOs joining the movement for sweeping changes and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

It’s all made me think that we might just be at the brink of something great, of finally stepping up to the challenge and urging our policy makers to step up too.

For those of us working on finding ways out of the climate crisis – or mitigating its most horrific impacts – that feeling has been popping up quite a bit lately. I can only imagine the feeling of joy (and maybe a tiny bit of annoyance) from someone working in this field for decades, only now seeing the amount of momentum and resonance that message is finally having.

But things are different now. Young people today not only believe the science, but are taking action on their own right to a livable planet and demanding more from those in power. This is such an incredible shift in a short amount of time, and one that makes me incredibly hopeful.

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