mass dems

On September 19th over 1,000 delegates at the 2015 Massachusetts Democratic Convention passed a voice vote UNANIMOUSLY supporting a resolution encouraging MA state legislators to pass fair carbon pricing laws. See the full text of the resolution below:



WHEREAS, we must ensure that the cost of fossil fuels reflects the damage these fuels inflict on
our air, our water, our health, and the future stability of our climate, and we must hold fossil fuel
companies accountable for their emissions;

WHEREAS, it is necessary that we reduce our reliance on imported dirty fuels such as oil and
gas, and build a strong, independent economy that runs on clean, renewable sources of energy
produced here in Massachusetts;

WHEREAS, any plan to reduce carbon pollution must protect the health and quality of life of
poor and vulnerable populations, both from suffering an unfair burden from fossil fuel pollution,
and from bearing the cost of the transition to a just and stable future;

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth must honor the legal commitment made in the Global Warming
Solutions Act to reduce our emissions in proportion to what the best scientific evidence indicates
is necessary to avoid catastrophic global warming;

WHEREAS, the Massachusetts Democratic Party must honor the commitment in its 2013
Platform to “put a price on carbon” and thus write the next chapter of bold Massachusetts policy
leadership, and demonstrate to the country and to the world that pollution pricing can be good
policy and good politics;

AND WHEREAS the Massachusetts Democratic Party is committed to create a safe and
sustainable future for our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations, here in
Massachusetts and around the world:

THEREFORE, the Massachusetts Democratic Party calls on the State of Massachusetts to put a
price on global warming pollution, either through new regulations under the Global Warming
Solutions Act or through new legislation such as the legislation proposed by State Sen. Michael
Barrett (D-Lexington) “An Act Combating Climate Change” and State Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-
Taunton) in drafting and submitting “An Act to Protect Our Environment and Reduce the Carbon
Footprint of the Commonwealth.” We call upon our State Senators and Representatives, and our
Governor, to make fair carbon pricing the law of our state.