Opinion: Putting a price on carbon has benefits

By December 18, 2017 Local News, Opinion Editorials

Opinion: Putting a price on carbon has benefits

The communities within South Coast, Cape Cod and the Islands are geographically defined by water and are vulnerable to numerous impacts of climate change. From our local food systems on land and sea to our shorelines and interconnected economies, impacts are already visible. Some changes appear and leave only a trace of evidence of their dramatic yet temporary impacts, while others are present year-round and more subtle in their impacts.

When we burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is released, which builds up in our atmosphere and acts like a big down comforter trapping heat around the world and disrupting our climate. Locally, our use of fossil fuels affects our wallets, our health and our ecosystems.

Groups across the region have committed to implementing the Paris Climate Accord, and many municipalities have installed renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. Numerous businesses and residents have installed solar panels, had energy assessments and implemented the recommended measures. But there is more to be done to get us to where we need to be.


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