Trudeau government to introduce new law in 2018 to make polluters pay

By December 4, 2017 World News

Trudeau government to introduce new law in 2018 to make polluters pay

Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna has confirmed that the free ride for Canada’s climate-polluting industries will legally come to an end.

The federal government is ready to force polluters to pay for their carbon emissions and will introduce a new law — as planned — in 2018 to achieve that goal, said a spokeswoman for McKenna.

“We’ve been very clear that there needs to be a price on carbon across Canada in 2018 and we will be introducing legislation to make that a legal requirement,” Marie-Pascale Des Rosiers told National Observer on Nov. 23. “Many provinces and territories already have systems in place or are working hard to adopt them ahead of that deadline.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provoked both applause and outrage when he first announced the policy last year, including Ottawa’s intention to intervene if provinces don’t come up with their own polluter-pay schemes by the 2018 deadline.

“There is no hiding from climate change. It is real and it is everywhere,” he told the House of Commons on Oct. 3, 2016. “We cannot undo the last 10 years of inaction. What we can do is make a real and honest effort – today and every day – to protect the health of our environment, and with it, the health of all Canadians.”


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